Since 1945 seeking total customer satisfaction

Ronay was founded in 1.945 in Bilbao and in 1966 moved to Derio (Bizkaia), near Bilbao airport increasing the working area and settling down a new company style resulting on a continuous growth and penetration into European Markets.

Our company has 40 highly qualified professionals, which makes it possible to offer one of the best SERVICE-QUALITY-PRICE ratios on the market.

Continuous training of our workforce

Furthermore a preferential attention is given to the continuous technical education of the personnel and profit re-invest on the replacement of obsolete means of production by modern equipment that allow us to maintain the gained level of competitivity.

Years of experience
Skilled workers
Bilbao airport
Presence in countries

Ronay has set a quality system based on ISO 9001 emphasizing the auto-control aimed to guarantee our production according to the high standards of quality that today´s market requires.

In this direction is established a TOTAL QUALITY program on the quest of our customers full satisfaction.

Today Ronay Precision has a total area of 2.500 m2.