Focusing on quality key to improving our strategy for the future

Commitment to quality

All our gage block sets are accredited and calibrated by certified labs.

On the other hand we evaluate our suppliers asking for the same quality standards allowing us to provide a fully-guaranteed finished product.

  • Size:
    1.500 mm 1.000 mm 500 mm
  • Probing package measurement software:
  • Climate controlled measuring room.

  • High-precision CNC 3D coordinate measuring machine.

  • Gage block sets MITUYOYO grade 0.

  • Rugosimeter SJ210 Mituyoyo.

  • Inside-outside Micrometers.

  • Alexometers, palmers.

  • Thread gauges, calipers, measuring columns.

  • Durometer, profile projector.

  • Multisensor measurement on 3 axes.

  • CNC control with Fly function.

  • Dea controller for the motorized axes.

  • Tesa Star M motorized indexable head.

  • TESA touch probe kit.